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"I stand proudly as a Necromancer, not a Mage. And it may be well the bitter taste will lie in your mouths, not ours..."

Raven is a hireable necromancer hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V. She is the main protagonist of the scenario An Island of One's Own.


Having lived through the wars that sundered the Necromancers from the Mages of the Silver Cities that were once their brethren, Raven has seen first-hand the devastating effects of magic upon Undead troops. She has since devoted herself to finding ways to weaken the powers of enemy spellcasters, rendering their attacks both weaker and of shorter duration.OffBck

After the end of war between mages and necromancers in 751 YSD, Raven left the Seven Cities with other necromancers. She founded a Necropolis on the island Obiira in Heresh. There she conquered three pirate cities and defeated her mage pursuers.



Hero Trait
H5SpecSouldrinker Souldrinker
The Curse of Weakness spell not only lowers creature's damage, but also reduces creature's Defense by -1 for every three levels of the hero, starting on first level.OffBck

H5BasicNecromancy Basic Necromancy
H5BasicDestructiveMagic Basic Destructive Magic
H5BasicDarkMagic Basic Dark Magic


The Will of AshaEdit
  • Heart of Darkness: Raven is one of the four heroes who give their lives to disable the demonic portals barring Arantir.


Raven appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


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