Rangi is a hero featured in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Rangi was given her name by her tribe of Red Skull Orcs in recognition of her passion for heights. As a child, she would climb trees, giant rocks and eventually even the rocky face of a smoking volcano. The tribe at first believed that Rangi was a danger to herself and placed bets that she wouldn’t make it to her seventh winter, but when her mother tied her to a tree to keep an eye on her, she was released after simply declaring to the tribe Shaman, “Rangi thought Orcs born free!”
As years passed, the tribe realized that she was the best climber the village had ever seen, and relinquished their fears in pure admiration of her exploits.
It was on one of these occasions that Rangi rescued a nest of Harpies from the attack of a Dire Jaguar. She nearly died for her heroic efforts, and was in turn rescued by the Harpy parents as she hung from a precipice with one hand, three chicks clinging to her back, and a bleeding claw wound running down the entire length of her thigh.
Rangi was greatly revered by the Harpies from that day on, and given the honorary and noble title of Wingless Sister.


Rangi only appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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