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Earl Rambert is an Erathian Earl appearing in Revolt of the Beastmasters, the seventh part of Heroes Chronicles.

When Tarnum had slain Lord Onsten and Baron Paglon on his quest to free the Mudlanders from Erathian slavery, he then moved into the lands of Earl Rambert. Mad King Gryphonheart, eager to end the rebellion, sent his son Prince Niven to aid the Earl. While Rambert appreciated Niven's tactical genius, he found the prince to be far too soft with his prisoners, and when Niven managed to capture a group of Mudlander noncombatants, including Adamina and the other wise women, he begged the prince to execute them, but the prince refused.

When Tarnum and Droglo kidnapped the prince in the middle of the night, Earl Rambert sent several letters to the rebels, asking them to return the prince, and finally threatened to execute his prisoners one at a time until Niven was returned. Appealing to the prince's sense of mercy, Tarnum asked him to write a letter to the Earl, telling him not to execute them. Niven did as he was asked, as did Rambert.

When Tarnum's armies approached the Earl's castle, Rambert fled with some of his soldiers, but he also took the wise women with him as hostages. Once Rambert was safely situated in a hard-to-reach valley, he sent a letter to Tarnum, asking for a trade - if Tarnum gave him the prince and retreated from his lands, he would return the wise women. Tarnum didn't want to either of those things, since Niven had become an ally and a friend, and retreating would take his army back to Mad King Gryphonheart's forces.

In the end, Niven told Tarnum to turn him over to Rambert. They put Niven into a cage to make him look like a prisoner, and Droglo wore one of Tarnum's armors to look like him as Droglo and Brellick rode towards the meeting place. Meanwhile, Tarnum led his army near Earl Rambert's land to draw the bulk of his forces towards him and away from the meeting place, and when Rambert tried to ambush Droglo and Brellick with his remaining soldiers, Droglo's wyverns were sufficient to save the day. Brellick fell to Earl Rambert's blade, but Niven escaped from the cage, picked up a weapon, and put an end to the treacherous noble's life.

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