King Ragnar Ironfist of VARN-4 is the cousin of King Morglin Ironfist.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ragnar Ironfist is as merciless as his name implies. His father ruthlessly assassinated his own brother, and Ragnar would do just the same without thinking twice - if he had a brother. Instead, Ragnar's cousin Morglin tried to strike first by hiring the hedge-Wizard Guthbert to kill Ragnar. The attempt was effortlessly foiled, and Guthbert revealed the whole plot during the "questioning" that followed. Unfortunately, Morglin managed to flee the land before justice could be served. Even 25 years later, Ragnar feels uneasy knowing this conspirator is still out there somewhere.OffBck

Before Morglin arrived in Enroth, he was one of Ragnar's barons. Ragnar had taken the throne from his own father, who in turn had stolen it from Morglin's father.

After Ragnar married Ewine, the woman that Morglin was in love with, Morglin hired the wizard Guthbert to slay him, but the attempt failed, and Guthbert was tortured until he revealed who had hired him.

Morglin fled, coming upon a magic gate that led him to Enroth, but he was unable to return. What happened to Ragnar after this is not known.

The Letters from Lord Ironfist are written to him, but it is unlikely he ever received them, as Morglin had no way to deliver them.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Scenarios[edit | edit source]

The Princess of VARN: Ragnar Ironfist fights Agar, Princess Penelope, Ranalou, and Guthbert for his rule under the broken kingdom.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Ragnar Ironfist appears only in The Princess of VARN.

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