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For other characters of the same name, see Ragnar.

Sir Ragnar is a character that's mentioned in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. He was one of the knights of Roland Ironfist.


Sir Ragnar was one of the knights that accompanied Roland when the king investigated Lord Kilburn's disappearance after the Night of Shooting Stars. The group was attacked by kreegans near the town of Edenbrook, and five of the devils targeted Roland's court wizard Tanir. Sir Ragnar charged into the group, "screaming like a barbarian" as he chopped two of them down. The other three kreegans overcame Sir Ragnar, almost slaying him, but Tanir managed to kill them with a spell and save Ragnar's life. Sir Ragnar was taken to the the Edenbrook house of healing. According to Roland's letter to his wife Catherine, the man was recovering nicely.

The group was later betrayed by Sulman, Roland's advisor, who sold them to the kreegans. Tanir, Roland, and Sir Ragnar were taken prisoner, while the rest were slain. Sir Ragnar later perished from his wounds.

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