Quroq is a Barbarian character in Tribes of the East, appearing in the Rage of the Tribes campaign.


Leader of an exploited people, Quroq does not hesitate to use force, guilt, guile, or cruelty to get his way. To him it is a simple matter of efficiency, and no act is considered to be unacceptable in the pursuit of his vision of the Orcish future. He is convinced that other races and peoples will always seek to persecute and enslave the Orc tribes, and he is no stranger to the idea that the best defence is a good offence.OffBck

Quroq was enraged that the men of the Griffin Empire enslaved orcs, and rallied his army. Quroq defeated many members of the Red Church and liberated the region. Quroq was victorious, but alas, he was attacked by Alaric. Fatally wounded, the orcs brought him to his adoptive son, Gotai, and soon after he died. This caused Gotai to take revenge and to honor his father.


Hero Trait
H5SpecBloodDrinker Blood Drinker
Each killed enemy troop (summoned troops considered, too) increase the Attack of all the creatures in his army by +1 for each 6 levels of the hero.OffBck

Skills Edit

Skills Abilities
H5BasicBloodRage Basic Blood Rage
H5BasicLeadership Basic Leadership
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack


Rage of the TribesEdit

  • A Murder of Crows: Quroq goes to his conquest to liberate orcs and to punish their slavers.

To Honour Our FathersEdit

Notes Edit

Quroq shares his specialization with Garuna.


Quroq appears only in Tribes of the East.

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