Qamar is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Qamar was recruited into the Cult of the Spider Goddess by the powerful Death Lord Haffayad, the day Qamar's young bride died. The beautiful girl was also Haffayad's sister. She was murdered by a jealous Wizard. Haffayad was able to revive his sister before Qamar's startled, incredulous eyes, but she pleaded to Qamar to be allowed to pass on. She was pregnant, and the soul of their child would be trapped in her body for eternity. Deeply saddened by this tragic turn of events, Qamar swore to Haffayad that he would not rest until he found the reincarnation of the woman so dear to both of their hearts, even if it should take forever to do so. Haffayad became close to his brother-in-law and made certain that he received the best necromantic education. Qamar is now considered one of the most determined Necromancers to ever walk the face of Ashan. The Wizard who murdered his wife is now said to serve him as a loyal Ghoul.OffBck


Qamar is a Magic member of the Necropolis faction, and as such, his default class is Necromancer. While his Dynasty character is listed as a Reaper, the player may develop him however they choose when they use him in a game. His specialization, Ghoul Rouser, increases the movement of Ghouls by 2.


Qamar appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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