Map of the Deep Forest

The Prologue is the tutorial in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. It presents the first explorable area in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. The main protagonist is Anwen.


The only objectives available in the prologue are those needed to advance the story; there are no non-compulsory tasks. Anwen, with Godric, must travel from the three families' meeting place to the portal along the easterly trail. Hunters will join her along the way. There, Delara and Nadia will join her. A demon attack ensues, and Anwen is required to return to the meeting place, fighting optional tutorial battles against the attackers on the way. Upon reaching the camp, Azexes will appear and the story will progress, leading into the Sylvan campaign.


Aside from some griffin knights and rangers on the trail near the meeting place who can engage the player in friendly banter, there are no interactive NPCs in the area.


Three scripted battles against Level 1 Inferno armies are fought here, all of which can be skipped via the Start menu with no detriment to experience. As tutorials, they serve to introduce the player to the game's mechanics.

The first two involve battles against hellhounds, the third against a mixed army of Inferno core units. Hunters are the player's only available unit, so little unique strategy is necessary on their part.



The Grass terrain theme from Heroes of Might and Magic V, composed by Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, is played while initially exploring the area.

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