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The princess

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The carriage

The Princess is a non-playable character in Legends of Might and Magic. She appears in Rescue the Princess scenarios, where the goal of the good team is to find her and bring her back to her carriage. The evil team must stop the good team from accomplishing this goal by slaying them all. The princess is located near the evil team's starting point, while the carriage is located near the good team's starting point.

Players can make the princess follow them by approaching her and pressing "E". The good team must do this to bring her to her destination, but evil players can use this to bring her somewhere else, making it harder for the good team to find her. The princess will take the shortest route when following people, so it's easy for her to get stuck on obstacles. Players should be careful when rounding corners. Note that when the player uses a haste scroll, they'll also increase the speed of the princess, but a teleport scroll will not affect her.

The princess is invulnerable, so players can fire away without worrying about hurting her, and she can even be used as a meat shield. Note that she will slow down when attacked; the evil team can take advantage of this by firing at her when she's getting away.

The first player on the good team to activate the princess gets 200 gold. Rescuing the princess gives 1000 gold to the player and 500 gold to their teammates.

It seems that at any given time there is a damsel in distress. Though not directly controlled by the player, the Princess is the focal point of the rescue scenario, requiring the forces of Good to find her and whisk her away to the safety of her waiting carriage.OffBck

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