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Potion brewing is a gameplay concept in Might and Magic VI, VII, and VIII where the player can create new potions by mixing ingredients together.

Most ingredients, when mixed together, will either have no effect or cause an explosion. The following combinations will produce a beneficial result.

In Might and Magic VII and VIII, characters need the alchemy skill to mix advanced potions.

  • Simple: No skill required.
  • Complex: Requires normal alchemy.
  • Compound: Requires expert alchemy.
  • White: Requires master alchemy.
  • Black: Requires grandmaster alchemy.

The potion's power depends on the power of the reagents used and the character's alchemy skill. Some potions are catalysts, which can be mixed with other potions to increase their power (though if the base potion has higher power than the catalyst, it decreases the potion's power).

Might and Magic VI[]

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Might and Magic VII[]

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Might and Magic VIII[]

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