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Ponific is a wizard appearing in Masters of the Elements, the third part of Heroes Chronicles.

Ponific was one of the wizards who served as Tarnum's advisors when he lead the armies of Bracada against the Elemental Lords. Compared to some of Tarnum's other advisors - like Barsolar, Hemoross and Reamus - very little is said about him in the course of the campaign.

Unlike Hemoross, Ponific is not too timid to correct him when Tarnum insultingly mispronounces his name, but he does it politely, and always tries to answer Tarnum's questions respectfully. On the Plane of Fire, when Hemoross tries to start a rebellion against Tarnum, Ponific refuses to join their group and wants to stay loyal, but he doesn't warn Tarnum or stand against them when they make their move.

When Tarnum had secured the aid of the elementals and the phoenixes, Reamus and Ponific constructed a portal that would take them home. He then sent Ponific to Bracada to inform King Gavin Magnus that they had returned home, and were ready to attack the Elemental Lords.

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