Hadrin's prison on the Plane of Death

The Plane of Death is a plane of existence that appears in the Half-Dead campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Gauldoth said that is was not unlike the Elemental Planes, and believed it was "the embodiment of the pure destructive force." He therefore chose to call it the "Plane of Death".

The plane was home to a malicious God of Death. The god asked his servant Kalibarr to retrieve the deadwood staff, a powerful necromantic artifact. Kalibarr sent Gauldoth to kill the vampire Malvich and take the staff from his corpse, but didn't reveal why he wanted it.

When Gauldoth returned with the staff, Kalibarr took it through a magic portal to the Plane of Death, and Gauldoth decided to sneak after him. When he arrived on the plane, he "cringed at the bleak environment, the stale air, the icy chill seeping into [his] living flesh." While spying on his master and the deity, Gauldoth learned that the god wanted to use the staff to slay every living thing on Axeoth - including him. Shocked by this malevolence, he returned to Nekross and decided to stop the god's plans at any cost.

While Gauldoth prepared his forces, his bodyguard Hadrin fortified a garrison to block Kalibarr's way. By bribing one of the kreegan defenders, Kalibarr managed to take the garrison, and Hadrin was captured and taken to the Plane of Death to be tortured for all eternity. When he heard this, Gauldoth returned to the plane to free his loyal bodyguard. He then managed to slay Kalibarr in battle, foiling the god's dark plans.

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