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The Plains is one of the four factions present in Heroes of Might and Magic I. It is a Might faction, and has strong, but slow creatures. The Plains hero is the Barbarian, a fighter that suffers no movement penalties over rough terrain.

In the campaign, choosing Lord Slayer will let the player begin all scenarios with Plains castles. This faction also appears in the game's sequel, Heroes of Might and Magic II, where it is reimagined as the Barbarian faction.[1]


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  • Hut (produces 10 goblins per week)
  • Stick hut (produces 8 orcs per week)
  • Den (produces 5 wolves per week)
  • Adobe (produces 4 ogres per week)
  • Bridge (produces 3 trolls per week)
  • Pyramid (produces 2 cyclopes per week)

Building hierarchy[]

The pyramid requires the bridge to be built first, which requires the adobe. The adobe, the stick hut, and the den require the hut to be built first.


The hero class associated with the Plains is the Barbarian. 9 heroes are members of this class.

The Barbarians are a Might-based class, meaning they have a tendency of improving their Attack and Defense skills when leveling-up, and that they start without a spellbook. Barbarians normally begin scenarios with 2 points invested in the Attack Skill, while the other three primary skills start with only one point. Like the other classes in the game, Barbarians have a special ability: they are able to move across rough terrain (swamps, snow, and sand) at normal pace while other hero classes are slowed down. This is useful in intercepting or escaping from enemy heroes on rough terrain and launching raids on the enemy before he/she can bring forces to react.


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