The Pixies are the guardian spirits of the Kersyls, the giants trees that host the Sylvan cities. They live in the trees' branches, tending them in exchange for shelter and sustenance. These creatures are not dedicated to war, but they will defend their home fiercely. Their swift attacks can hit more than one creature, and their small size and speed make retaliation impossible.OffBck

The pixie is the first-level creature of the Sylvan town in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It upgrades into either the sprite or, with the Tribes of the East expansion, the dryad. It is expensive for a level one unit, but with No Retalation and a noteworthy Spray Attack, it is well worth the cost. Its growth per week may be increased to 14 with the construction of a Blooming Grove.


  • No Enemy Retaliation - Enemies never retaliate after melee attacks by creatures with this ability.OffBck
  • Flyer - This creature can move on to any free tile on the game field during its turn, regardless of the obstacles in the way.OffBck
  • Spray Attack - Creature simultaneously attacks three adjacent tiles occupied by the enemy.OffBck


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