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These mighty fiends are summoned from the darkest depths of the demonic realms. They are skilled both in close combat and offensive magic. Pit Lords carry a Vorpal Sword, its dark power instantly killing any creature unlucky enough to be struck by it.OffBck

The pit lord is the upgrade of the Pit fiend, the sixth-level creature of the Inferno in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

The increased mana and the Vorpal Sword makes the pit lord even deadlier. Fireballing weak units and going melee against level seven creatures is a simple, but effective strategy for this unit.


  • Large Creature- The creature takes up 2x2 squares on the battfield.
  • Vorpal Sword- Each attack or counter-attack will always kill at least one unit in the enemy stack.
  • Demonic- This creature is a demon. The Chain shot by Succubus mistress does not affect it, but it is vulnerable to the Holy Word spell.
  • Spell Book- Fireball, Meteor Shower, Vulnerability


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