The pirate is a first-level creature connected to the Asylum town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the pirate's cove creature dwelling.

Pirates are at home on a swaying deck, so they move faster, do more damage, and and take less damage when fighting at sea.OffBck


On land, the pirate is an underwhelming first-level creature – it can fill out the army, if reinforcements are hard to come by, but not much else. On sea, on the other hand, they are far more impressive fighters.

Of course, even at sea, they're easily beaten by higher tiers, but as first-level creatures, they're cheap and numerous, so they can make up in numbers what they lack in combat ability.

Abilities Edit


Bonuses at Sea makes this creature faster and allows it to do more damage when fighting on the deck of a ship. Its Melee and Ranged Defense also increases.

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