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An implacable holy warrior, the paladin is the sixth tier creature of the Farm town in Heroes of Might and Magic I. The most powerful troop of its faction, the paladin is the weakest of all the Level 6 units, but also the cheapest.

The paladin is the only Level 6 troop that requires no special resources to be purchased, and is also the cheapest in gold, cheaper than the lower-tier Hydra. Costing like fifth tier creatures but being superior to them, the paladin can be considered as a Level 5.5 troop, just like the genie, who is about of the same strength. The increased growth really starts to count at this creature, where the extra paladin produced per week, compared to the population of the sixth tier creatures of the Forest and Mountain towns, goes half way to balance its weakness.

The paladin's Defense Skill is just like that of the dragon, the highest in the game. The Attack Skill is reasonable, while the damage, though low, is compensated by the Double Strike ability. However, the enemy will get to retaliate before the second attack. The Hit Points are low, so it is essential to use the Paladin as an attack unit to take the enemy out quickly. Bless and Curse strongly affect the Paladin. When fighting against a Knight, eliminating the paladins should be the first priority due to their ability to deal damage and their Hit Points downside.

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