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Baron Paglon is an Erathian Baron appearing in Revolt of the Beastmasters, the seventh part of Heroes Chronicles.

On his quest to free the Mudlanders from slavery, Tarnum had already slain Lord Onsten and brought the slaves out of his lands. Hiding the women and children deep in the swamp, he gathered his soldiers to face his next foe: Baron Paglon, who had already let it be known that he would kill Tarnum's soldiers on sight. The Baron's castles were reinforced with Mad King Gryphonheart's own troops, but it proved insufficient, and the Baron barely escaped from Tarnum's rebels.

Baron Paglon fortified himself in another castle, and the King sent more reinforcements, but also warned him that if he failed again, he would be stripped of his title. To weaken the rebellion, the king promised a reward of ten silver for the head of any escaped slave, and countless rogues and other mercenaries began to hunt them, targeting the weakest and sending their heads to Baron Paglon's castle for the reward.

But Tarnum's forces were still too powerful for the Baron, and when the noble realized that he was trapped, and that the King would give him no more help, he offered Tarnum half his wealth if he would let him go free. Disgusted at the way Paglon had supported and encouraged the murderous rogues, Tarnum refused the offer, and Paglon was killed in the next battle.

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