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Paddifraw's Repose is a ramble house that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright. It was owned by Paddifraw, and run by his children and grandchildren. Diligence's caravan stopped here on their way to the crystal palace, to do a bit of trading.

According to Diligence, the ramble house looked like "a tumbled pile of oddly shaped boxes that seemed to have been cobbled together by a careless child." Every floor had been painted a different faded color, there were angled dwellings and passages on many different levels, and the outer edges had an unraveled look, with multicolored piers at varying heights for arriving caravans. It was a "huge, rambling, houselike structure, enlarged with each addition to the constantly swelling family that had occupied it for many generations, until it now comprised a stupefying number of interconnected chambers of different sizes and dimensions." The current master Paddifraw had a tea room near the top of the wooden tower at the center.

This was the place where Hitch met the mysterious hooded figure for the first time. They told him that this ramble house was one of the most successful adaptions of the families that had to flee during the Second Dispersal, and that Paddifraw's family used a "carefully managed breeding program incorporating selected visitors" to avoid the inbreeding that was common in isolated pocket socities like this, but had still "nearly developed into a sub-race over the centuries". The hooded figure also gave Hitch a tiny, concave object that later turned out to be a missing part of the Dreamwright's machine.

On the day the caravan was scheduled to leave, Alacrity was suddenly murdered while resting in his wagon. Paddifraw allowed them to stay another night for a fraction of the regular tariff.