Ottshent is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright. She was one of the soldiers that accompanied Diligence's caravan when it left The Wheel. Like the other soldiers, she was clad in black armor. She had large, heavy shoulders.

Ottshent tried to stop Hitch from going to see Jassad Attqua when the latter finally opened his eyes, telling the boy that no one was to enter the wagon, but he ignored her. He then learned that while Jassad's body had woken up, his mind hadn't.

Ottshent rode as an armed guard on the roof when traveling through dangerous areas. When the caravan went through a basin near the Aulmad and suddenly saw battle all around them, Breitling activated the caravan's defenses. Ottshent was trying to get the wagon's shield to unfold, and Hitch came up to help her. When it suddenly moved, Ottshent fell safely on the inside of the ring of wagons, while Hitch and Jassad fell on the outside, in the middle of the battle. They soon learned that the whole thing was an illusionary recording of the Rout of Red Harra that Pomponderant was watching.

Shortly after leaving Paddifraw's Repose, the caravan was ambushed by Dubiel's soldiers. Ottshent was one of the people who were killed.