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For other characters of the same name, see Osric.

Duke Osric Temper is the foremost Knight in the lands of Enroth, as well as the Lord of the western lands[1] (west of the surrounding area of Castle Ironfist, and south of the domains of Anthony Stone and Erik von Stromgard). During the Kreegan conflict, he served as the main military strategist, in the absence of King Roland. He resides in Castle Temper, southeast of Free Haven.

"I don't have much time to talk right now - I have a lot to do. I'm in the process of organizing a few campaigns to attack the devils along the western coast. You must realize, as I do, that nothing in all of Enroth poses as much of a threat to our safety as they do."
—Osric Temper [src]


To earn his vote on the High Council of Enroth, the party must complete the Destroy the Devils' Outpost quest.

He can also promote knights in the party to cavaliers if they complete the Get nomination from Chadwick quest, and promote cavaliers to champions if they then complete the Defeat the Warlord quest.



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