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Origin denotes ambiguous events known to have occurred long prior to those covered in the original universe of the Might and Magic games, during the earliest points of the timeline.


The Empire of the race later to be known as the Ancients rose on an unknown homeworld in the central regions of the galaxy. Technology and instrumentation were discovered and factured for the first time. The birth of Einar possibly occurred around this time.

Elemental Manipulation was studied and unleashed in the Void to create planets. The Ancients, their power growing beyond precedent, waged war with and tamed the Elemental Lords, enabling the birthing of biospheres and nacelles.[1][2][3] The Ancients began their colonisation of the Spinward Rim, spreading their arcane technologies such as the Heavenly Forges, the Light Lance, time machines and CRON Vehicles across the span of the Void.

Guardians were created, greatest among whom was Escaton the Destroyer.[4] The Forces of the Dome were brought into existence, and Astral Planes were researched as the Ancients learned to control and create them. The Elemental Sleepers may have been constructed during this period.

Meanwhile, the Creators brooded in their nebulous realm, fashioning monstrous legions (possibly including the Kreegans).[5] The Kreegans later traversed the depths of the Void to disrupt the Empire of the Ancients.


Events influenced[]

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