Emperor Oleg Griffin is a character in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Oleg Griffin was the father of Alexei IV and the ruler of Holy Griffin Empire.[1] Honorable, but somewhat naive ruler, he was greatly manipulated by his personal advisor, Count Carlyle, who unbeknownst to the Emperor, has allied himself with Lord Bloodcrown. While Carlyle's demon servants have sabotaged the villages across the Empire's border with Irollan, Carlyle himself has convinced the Emperor that the Elves were responsible for the attacks. On his advice, the Emperor has declared war against them.

Following Edric Unicorn's death in Irollan, the Count has also convinced the Emperor that Lord of the Unicorn Duchy has betrayed him and the Empire. As a result, his son Godric was pursued as a traitor by the Talonguard knights.

Around that time, the Emperor presided over the royal tournament, along with his son Alexei. The tournament went out of control however, when one of the participants, Sir Kenneth Drake, was revealed as a follower of the Spider Goddess and brought undead forces with the intention of assassinating the Emperor. He was defeated however by another participant, Sir Ignatius Thunderblade.

Praising Thunderblade as both a victor and a hero, the Emperor granted him a royal audience, as a part of the tournament's reward. When the feast in the Great Hall ended, he entrusted the young knight with a task - to deliver an artifact called The King's Crown as a gift to Count Carlyle.




He and his son congratulate Fiona, Aidan and Godric for the fighting in Silver Cities.


Emperor Oleg appears only in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

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