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For other uses, see offense.

Offense is a secondary skill in Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Increases the amount of damage the hero's troops inflict in combat.OffBck


Offense increases the melee damage of all allied units.

  • Basic Offense increases inflicted damage by 10%.
  • Advanced Offense increases inflicted damage by 20%.
  • Expert Offense increases inflicted damage by 30%.

Skill rates[]

Offense skill can be learned at certain rates by the following classes:


  • Crag Hack and Gundula are specialists in the Offense skill.
  • Warlords' monument at the Stronghold towns gives 20% to the Offense skill to hero when defending against a siege.


  • The skill's name was anglicised to Offence in some international versions of Heroes Chronicles.
  • Artifacts worn on the left hand - swords - increase the Attack skill, which supports the Offense skill.