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Norvan is a cleric appearing in Never Deal with a Demon, the last scenario of Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld. His specialty increases the attack and defense of monks and zealots in his army for each level after fifth level.


Norvan had a promising career as a Cleric until he embarked on a quest into the Underworld to battle the evil that dwelled there. Like those that followed him, he disappeared and was believed dead.OffBck

Trynn and Norvan are survivors of an earlier attempt to conquer the Underworld, living in the dark tunnels while fighting the demons that dwell there. They have lived there for a generation, and when they hear rumours about Tarnum's success on the battlefield, and the way he strikes fear into the hearts of the demons, they gladly join him.


Trynn and Norvan appear in the last scenario of Conquest of the Underworld, locked in an underground chamber until Tarnum frees them. Norvan is level 30, and has expert Wisdom, Fire Magic, Air Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Sorcery, Resistance, and First Aid.


Norvan appears in Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld.

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