Nomandi the Stoic is a seer that's mentioned in Crusaders of Might and Magic. He was Drake's tutor.

Biography Edit

For a long time, Nomandi was a "sympathiser and advocate" of the Crusaders, and spent many years training to be a crusader knight under Ursan. He became a member of the Old Guard of the Citadel, and was a young officer alongside Steggan and Celestia. He found the latter to be unnerving and far too ruthless. Nomandi left the Crusaders when he lost his eyes in battle against the Legion of the Fallen. After that, he became a seer, and moved into a monastery in the wilderness to continue his "mystic studies".

One night, the young hero Drake was sleeping in the woods when he was attacked by a band of roving ogres. Just as they grabbed him, Nomandi appeared and told the ogres to leave. They ignored the blind old hermit, but he struck quickly, and when Drake grabbed his mace, they managed to chase the ogres away.

Nomandi took Drake back to his monastery, and told him that he believed that the young warrior was the "Scarred One" prophetized in the Book of Ages. He took Drake in as his apprentice, though Drake never quite believed that he was actually a "hero of prophecy".

When Drake was ready to leave the monastery, Nomandi walked with him outside the gates, but they were attacked by the Legion's soldiers. Nomandi was mortally wounded, and knew that if he died by the Legion's hand, he would become one of them. He begged Drake to give him a "sleeping potion" that would end his life before he died from his wounds, and Drake reluctantly complied.

Just before he passed away, Nomandi told Drake that the Legion wouldn't have traveled so far if they hadn't been searching for something. "They were after you, Drake. They know you're dangerous." Drake buried his mentor, then vowed to hunt down "every last festering corpse in the Legion army".

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