For the faction in other games, see Necropolis.

The Necropolis is one of the five playable factions featured in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. They are a translation of the Necropolis faction which appeared in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

The playable heroes of the Necropolis are Fiona and Markal.

Idle Necropolis core units turn into walls when they're killed.

Official descriptionEdit

These undead necromancers utilize the darkest technique to assault their enemies with rotting, undying troops. With "Dark" magic on its side, the Necropolis faction benefits from increased defensive abilities and strong magical attributes.OffBck


Creature Appearance Designation Description
Zombie Zombie (CoH) Core " Slash wildly with cleavers, spreading a life-draining plague to any enemies they touch."'
Skeleton Skeleton (CoH) Core "Wielding their bony skulls like clubs, head-butting anything in their path."
Ebon guard Ebon guard Core " Armed with sharp ritual daggers, they are the most powerful of all Necropolis Core units."
Vampire Vampire (CoH) Elite "Drains the blood of its terrified enemies and transfers the health to your Hero."
Ghost Ghost (CoH) Elite "Enemy attacks will take damage as they pass through a charging Ghost, but the Ghost will remain unharmed."
Bone dragon Bone dragon (CoH) Champion "Swallows idle enemy units and uses their Toughness to increase its attack power."
Death knight Death knight (CoH) Champion "While charging, the Death Knight draws his PWR from enemy formations."
Wraith Wraith (CoH) Champion (Secret) " Delivers instant death to anything it hits, including the enemy Hero."

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