The Necromancers' Guild (also known as the Necromantic Order) was a coalition of necromancers on Enroth. Their agents could be found on all continents. The guild appears in Might and Magic VI, VII, and VIII, and is mentioned in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Enroth Edit

The Necromancers' Guild on the continent of Enroth first appeared publicly during the Second War of Enrothian Succession, where they supported their guildmaster Archibald in his attempt to take over the kingdom. When Archibald lost the war and was turned to stone, Roland outlawed the guild and told his men to arrest the guild leaders. The surviving members fled to the Mire of the Damned, settling in Castle Darkmoor.

Archibald escaped from his imprisonment after ten years to find his guild in ruins. The new guild leader was Nimbus, but there was little necromantic talent to be found in either him or his apprentices. Archibald defeated Nimbus in a duel, taking control of the guild.

Antagarich Edit

The Necromancers' Guild in Antagarich ruled the nation of Deyja, under the control of guildmaster and king Finneas Vilmar. He attempted to take control of Erathia's throne by assassinating Nicolas Gryphonheart and reanimating him as a lich, but King Gryphonheart killed Finneas and took control of both Erathia and Deyja. Archibald and the remnants of the Enrothian guild traveled to serve Gryphonheart, but when they arrived, they learned that Catherine had destroyed her father's body, sending his soul to rest.

Archibald took control of the Antagarich guild as well, becoming the new King of Deyja. When a strange craft landed on the planet, some of the new arrivals became his advisors. Archibald dedicated his guild to research in necromancy, but one of the alien visitors, Kastore, drove him out of Deyja and took control of the guild. Kastore and his forces were later defeated by the Lords of Harmondale.

Jadame Edit

The Necromancers' Guild in Jadame was based in Shadowspire, and was ruled by Sandro and Thant. Sandro said that, due to the guild's diminished status on Enroth and Antagarich, "it could be argued that we speak for the guild worldwide".

The guild had always had a tense relationship with the Temple of the Sun, but this developed into open conflict when Oskar Tyre, head priest of the Temple, announced that a holy vision had driven him to declare war on the guild. The Hero of Jadame attempted to recruit both the temple and the guild in the fight against Escaton, the Destroyer of Worlds, but the two parties were too busy fighting each other, and the hero had to choose which side to support.

Axeoth Edit

All the guilds on Enroth were lost when the planet was destroyed, but Gauldoth decided to rebuild the Necromantic Order - or at least something akin to it - in the land of Nekross on Axeoth.

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