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The Necromancer is the Magic hero class of the Necropolis faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Might counterpart is the Death Knight.

Necromancers are magic users seduced by the easy power of death magic. The price of their art is its practice slowly drains life from its wielders—eventually transforming them into liches.OffBck

When levelling up below tenth level, Necromancers are most likely to gain spellpower and knowledge (35% each), and less likely to gain attack and defense (15% each). After tenth level, all four skills are at 25% each.

Skill probability[]

Probability Skill
10 Necromancy
8 Earth Magic, Wisdom
7 Eagle Eye
6 Intelligence, Mysticism, Pathfinding, Scholar, Sorcery
5 Ballistics, Navigation
4 Diplomacy, Learning, Logistics
3 Air Magic, Artillery, Estates, Offense, Water Magic
2 Archery, Armorer, Fire Magic, Scouting, Tactics
1 Luck, Resistance
0 First Aid, Leadership

Notable necromancers[]

Necropolis heroes in Heroes III
Death knights
Charna · Clavius · Galthran · Haart · Isra · Moander · Straker · Tamika · Vokial
Aislinn · Nagash · Nimbus · Sandro · Septienna · Thant · Vidomina · Xsi