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"The Necromancer creatures, while weak at the low levels, become much more powerful at the high levels. The Necromancer is weak in the early game, but strong in the mid and endgame. Larger maps give the Necromancer time to develop the higher level creatures. All Necromancer units (and ghosts) are undead, and are therefore immune to mind affecting spells, Bless and Curse, and are always at neutral morale."

The Necromancer is both a faction and a class of Hero in Heroes of Might and Magic II.


The Necromancer faction is one of the two factions from Heroes II that aren't based on previous factions, the other being the wizard.

The Perpetual Storm building gives defending heroes or captains +2 spellpower. The undead nature of the necromancers protects them from curses and morale effects, but also blocks blessings.

The Necromancer town is the only town in the game that cannot build a tavern, as its undead troops cannot benefit from the morale increase the tavern provides. In the original game, the spot normally occupied by the tavern was vacant, but the Price of Loyalty expansion added another building called the Shrine in its place, which increased the Necromancy skill of all Necromancer heroes under the player's command.


All text is taken from the Heroes II manual.

Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Skeleton
Heroes II Skeleton Icon.png
The best level one creature, Skeletons should be hoarded by Necromancers, as they provide easily available power early on.
2 Zombie
Heroes II Zombie Icon.png
Though having more hits than Skeletons, Zombies have a low Defense and speed.
2+ Mutant Zombie
Heroes II Mutant Zombie Icon.png
The zombie upgrade increases the speed of the Zombies. Mutant Zombies are worthwhile additions to any fledgling undead army.
3 Mummy
Heroes II Mummy Icon.png
20% chance to curse enemy creatures. The best ground creature available for the Necromancer.
3+ Royal Mummy
Heroes II Royal Mummy Icon.png
30% chance to Curse enemy creatures. The upgrade of the Mummy has improved speed and toughness.
4 Vampire
Heroes II Vampire Icon.png
Flies. Creatures attacked by Vampires cannot retaliate. Vampires are necessary for the success of the Necromancer.
4+ Vampire Lord
Heroes II Vampire Lord Icon.png
Flies. Creatures attacked by Vampire Lords cannot retaliate. Vampire Lords gain some back some of the damage they do as hit points
5 Lich
Heroes II Lich Icon.png
Range attack affects adjacent hexes. Liches are the only range strike unit available to the Necromancer.
5+ Power Lich
Heroes II Power Lich Icon.png
Range attack affects adjacent hexes. This upgrade of the Lich improves the durability of the Lich in combat.
6 Bone Dragon
Heroes II Bone Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Lowers the morale of opposing creatures. Bone Dragons are fierce creatures, second only to the Warlock Dragons in raw damage.


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The Necromancer is the namesake class of the Necromancer faction. Necromancers are magic heroes, and start with 1 attack, 2 spellpower and 2 knowledge, and the skills basic wisdom and necromancy.


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