Nar-Heresh is a city of the necromancers in Ashan. After the wizards purged them from the Silver Cities in 751-770 YSD, the necromancers fled to Heresh, where they declared their independence from their former brothers. The necromancers licked their wounds and built up an army, founding Nar-Heresh in 771 YSD, which they used as their base of operations while they prepared to launch a surprise attack on the wizards.

In 813 YSD, they launched their surprise assault, sending undead armies swarming over the border to destroy everything in their path. After a long and bloody conflict, the wizards eventually managed to push their foes back, and in 822, they shattered most of the once-beautiful land of Heresh, destroying the ancient cities.

In 989 YSD, Arantir fought against Sareth, the Demon Messiah, in an attempt to keep Kha-Beleth locked in his prison. The necromancer used Nar-Heresh as his base as he hunted for the Skull of Shadows.

Nar-Heresh is featured as the main city of the Necropolis faction in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.