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"I do so love the Silver Cities, Cyrus. But I have lost so much, I see ghosts wherever I look..."
—Nadia, in the epilogue

Nadia is a character in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.


Nadia is a daughter of Azh Rafir, one of the respected mages in Silver Cities. One night, she and her mother, Delara, came to meet her father's friends and families, Lord Edric and Lasir, keepers of the Blade of Binding. However, the demons attacked and killed Delara, but she cast a spell, Kaamla Asiya on Nadia, before dying. Nadia, Aidan and Fiona went into the portal to Silver Cities, but Nadia was the only one sent there.

Weeks later, she woke up and found herself in a dungeon. Cyrus, her friend, told her father imprisoned people who were most loyal to him, including her. He encouraged her to build a force and stop her father. They battled many mages, who acted as guards. When she came on the top of Gemstone Tower, she saw her friends imprisoned and let them free. After Godric fought Aidan (since Azh Rafir summoned him for the Blade of Binding he carried) and Aidan Azh Rafir, Azh Rafir transformed into a demon named Lord Bloodcrown. With Nadia's help, Bloodcrown was defeated and a ritual was performed to dispel the power of the Blade.

Later, she fell in love with Cyrus and they had a child, a promising mage by the name of Zehir. However, after Zehir was born, Nadia died.[1]



Hero Trait
Lightning Strike.jpg Lightning Strike
5 lightning shots randomly strike the enemy's battlefield, inflicting damage whatever they hit.OffBck


Nadia and her mother, Delara, visit the camp.


Nadia, with Cyrus' help and Delara's spell, needs to climb up the tower and defeat her father.


Nadia marries to Cyrus and has a child, Zehir.



Nadia appears only in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.