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Murmurwoods is a region in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It is the location of the Temple of the Sun.


Murmurwoods is the location of the Temple of the Sun, chosen due to the large number of light creatures that inhabit the area. A small pilgrimage settlement, almost not large enough to be called a village, has collected at the base of the Temple Mound. Patrols by local Priests of the Sun keep the more dangerous beasts at bay.


Points of Interest[]

  • Well of Personality - confers +2 Personality upon any drinker up to a maximum of 17
  • Gateway to the Plane of Air. In the center of the destroyed area. Number 4 on the map
  • Obelisk 6 - part of the Obelisk quest. In the extreme northwestern corner of Murmurwoods. Number 5 on the map. The inscription reads: PEARSWHIL
  • Obelisk quest solved riddle destination. #6 on the map.
  • Heroism Pedestal. Supposed to confer the Heroism spell on the party for 5 hours, but actually confers Haste. In the center of the stone pentagram. Number 7 on the map.
  • Immolation Pedestal. Confers the Immolation spell on the party for 5 hours. In the center of the stone ankh. Number 8 on the map.
  • Attribute Contest. Confers +5 skill points to the winner, who must have at least 50 in the listed attribute in order to win. As many players as have the required attribute score may win; however, each candidate may try only one time; if failed, the test is failed forever. Temporary attribute boosts do count. The particular attribute is randomly selected the first time the party enters Murmurwoods. In the center of the stone bull's head. Number 9 on the map.


Quest Givers[]





  • Trap difficulty: 8
  • Trap deadliness: 2
  • Treasure value: 2
  • Perception: 8
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