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Sir Mullich is a male human knight in Heroes of Might and Magic III and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


Heroes III[]

Generally stoic, Sir Mullich is prone to spasmodic fits of uncoordinated excitement believed to intimidate his troops into working faster.OffBck

Heroes IV[]

Mullich is a stoic, disciplined leader who keeps a keen eye on everyone under his command. He is highly respected for his experience and ability to encourage each man to perform beyond even their own expectations. But when he joins his men in a tavern, his quirks become all too apparent after a tankard or two.OffBck


Heroes III[]

Sir Mullich is a Knight. He starts with advanced Leadership.

Hero Trait
Boots of Speed.jpg Speed
All creatures receive +2 speed.OffBck

Heroes IV[]

Sir Mullich is a knight.


  • Sir Mullich's name and identity are based on David Mullich,[1][2] Heroes III development team project manager, as a joke on his tendencies to constantly force the team work to be accelerated.
  • Preston Steel, the High Council member in Might and Magic VI, also bears Mullich's identity and is pretty much similar to Sir Mullich.


Sir Mullich appears in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade and Heroes of Might and Magic IV.



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