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The Mountain is one of the four factions present in Heroes of Might and Magic I. It is a Magic faction, and has good flying and close-combat creatures. However, mountain troops and troop dwellings are generally the most expensive in the game. The Mountain hero is the Warlock, an evil spellcaster that has +1 scouting radius.

In the campaign, choosing Lord Alamar will let the player character begin all scenarios with Mountain castles.


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Building hierarchy[]

The black tower requires all other dwellings to be built. The swamp requires the nest, and the maze requires the crypt. Both the crypt and the nest need the cave to be built first.


The hero class associated with the Mountain is the Warlock. 9 heroes are members of this class.

The Warlocks are a Magic-based class, meaning they have a tendency of improving their Spell Power and Knowledge skills when leveling-up, and that they start with an empty spellbook. Warlocks normally begin scenarios with 3 points invested in the Spell Power Skill, 2 points in the Knowledge Skill, and no points in Attack or Defense. Like the other classes in the game, Warlocks have a special ability: they can see farther than other heroes classes, removing fog of war at a longer distance. This ability is exceptional early and mid-game but become less useful towards late-game where much of the map was explored.