MountNebyrzias map

Mount Nebyrzias

SorcererCave CoH

The Sorcerer cave

MountNebyrzias top

The top of the mountain

PortalRoom CoH

The Portal room

Mount Nebyrzias is the third location in the Inferno campaign in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Aidan goes up the mountain to fight Azexes, but the demon goes through a portal, and when Aidan follows him, he has already disappeared.

Quests Edit

These quests can be found in the Demon Realm:

Mandatory Edit

  • Azexes' Portal: Aidan and Jezebeth follow Azexes into a magical portal, but when they reach the other side, the demon is nowhere to be found. Aidan decides to destroy the portal to stop Azexes' invasion.

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