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King Morglin Ironfist, also known as Lord Ironfist and Jerico Ironfist, is the protagonist of Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. The founder of the Kingdom of Enroth, Ironfist acts as leader of a retinue of Knights hailing from a distant world, striving to carve a place for themselves on the world of Enroth. Upon conquering his rivals and defeating Lord Alamar, Ironfist consolidates the realm, reigning for a quarter of a century. His eventual death acts as the catalyst for the events of Heroes II: The Succession Wars, during which his sons Roland and Archibald wage a bloody war for the throne.


Lord Ironfist is the leader of the Knight faction in Heroes I, and canonically acts as the player's avatar during the game; events are unveiled through his perspective. However, like his three counterparts, he does not appear as a hero during the game at any point, and makes no playable appearance in the series.


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  • Lord Ironfist's first name is not given anywhere in any of the games, and is only implied in the Heroes I manual. However, promotional material for Heroes II from both the initial release and Ubisoft's 2007 Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Edition rerelease of Heroes I has confirmed that his full moniker is Morglin Ironfist, citing his 25-year reign.[1]