Montbard is a hero in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and a character in Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VIEdit

Montbard is a Knight of the House of Greyhound, and a loyal and devoted servant of the Holy Empire.
Once a free and true man, he has slowly found himself losing his mind ever since he was awarded Portmeyron Castle for his service during the Elven Wars.
The castle is located on a craggy coastline between the fortified port of Karthal and the Greyhound Duchy.
Despite affording magnificent view out over the ocean, the tang of salty air, and decades of peace, the fief seems to hold a curse.
The last Lord of Portmeryron, afflicted with a madness, threw himself onto the rocks form the top of the keep.

Montbard is a Templar who succumbed to Faceless' powers. Now, he fights thinking that his enemy are the Faceless. He is also Rosalie's true father.

Might and Magic X Edit

Montbard can be found at in the Lost City level 2 (21,14)


Heroes VIEdit

Montbard is a Vindicator.


Inferno CampaignEdit

  • The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Kiril has to defeat Montbard. However, he needs to fight him again, as he is ressurrected (unless the town he is in is being captured).

Might and Magic X Edit

Montbard is part of the Brigand quest


Montbard appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


The order, the Templars, that Montbard is in, were one of the armies of the Holy Crusade in Middle Age.

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