Mongo is a character appearing in Heroes of Might and Magic IV add-on, Winds of War.


Mongo is the eldest nephew of King Bolingar, who is eldest of three brothers who rule a great northern kingdom. Though Mongo sometimes feels he is but a pawn in the great game of life, he knows that one day he shall take his rightful place as King, and that until then, he must continue to push himself to achieve more than any of the Kings who have ruled before him.OffBck

The barbarian, Mongo, being the eldest nephew of the King, is sent from his northern homeland and across a great sea to conquer the kingdom of Channon and lay claim to the lands that he will one day rule. His ultimate goal is the shining capital city of Rylos.

Secondary SkillsEdit

  • Advanced Combat
  • Advanced Melee
  • Basic Archery
  • Basic Magic Resistance
  • Basic Nobility

Mongo is the campaign hero for the Barbarian Hordes campaign. The use of that hero requires The Winds of War expansion pack.


In Barbarian Hordes, Mongo starts as a fairly powerful barbarian. The player will probably end up ignoring his nobility and develop him as a General, a Paladin, a Ranger or a Battle Mage, based on the magic skills that will become available through the campaign. Mastering Combat and Archery will be critical to success in the Expert and Champion difficulty settings.

His name and in-game description may be a reference to the character of Mongo from the film Blazing Saddles, who states that "Mongo only pawn in game of life".

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