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The minotaur is a creature in the Shades of Darkness expansion to Might & Magic: Heroes VI. Its upgraded version is the minotaur guard.

Like the Harpies and Centaurs, the Minotaurs are Beastmen, created by the Wizards of the Seven Cities in the year 540 YSD. Half-human and half-bull, the Minotaur was meant to be the shock infantry to fight alongside the Centaur cavalry.OffBck


Living.png Living
Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.OffBck
Disciple of Malassa.png Disciple of Malassa
As Disciples of Malassa, the Dungeon Creatures are blessed with 10% Darkness damage resistance, and cursed with a 10% vulnerability to light damage. Healing spells from the Light School damage enemy Dungeon Creatures.OffBck
Heroes VI Preemptive Strike Icon.png Preemptive Strike
When attacked, the Minotaur retaliates before the enemy attacks.OffBck
Heroes VI Fighting Spirit Icon.png Fighting Spirit
Each of the Minotaur's default attacks increases its Morale by 6, up to a maximum bonus of 30. Retaliation will not trigger this effect. This ability can not be dispelled.OffBck


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