Sign below an article you find excellent. You can vote by typing {{yes}} or {{no}}. You can comment below the votes.

If you see an article, image or an video you want to nominate for feature status, add it below just under the first line, in the following format:

===[[XYZ title]]===
* '''Nominated.''' - ~~~~

XYZ can be image, article or video name.

You can also propose polls, though you need to propose the question and the poll options.

  • Sign your votes with four tildes.
  • Only one nomination can be given per user.
  • Insulting, trolling and/or posting offensive content will get your vote(s) nullified.

For article nomination, see Might and Magic Wiki:Featured/Article.

For image nomination, see Might and Magic Wiki:Featured/Image.

For video nomination, see Might and Magic Wiki:Featured/Media.

For poll nomination, see Might and Magic Wiki:Featured/Poll.

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