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Might and Magic Wiki, formerly Heroespedia, is a wiki encyclopedia about the Might and Magic (and Heroes of Might and Magic) video game series, formerly hosted by Might and Magic fan site Celestial Heavens.

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Started on February 14, 2005 by Sikon and Rieke Hain, Heroespedia grew to about 400 articles about Heroes of Might and Magic IV and Heroes of Might and Magic V before eventually being closed for editing due to excessive amount of vandalism. It reopened on June 21, 2006, after an upgrade from MediaWiki 1.3 to 1.6.

Due to technical struggles it was experiencing at the time, Celestial Heavens closed down Heroespedia completely in January 2007. On February 17, the database was transferred to Wikia. In July-August 2009, Heroespedia was rebooted as Might and Magic Wiki. The name change was made to avoid incovenient confusion with the 2006 TV series, "Heroes", and to better reflect the wiki's scope.

At the end of August 2009, the wiki was featured in Wikia's "What's Hot" list, having achieved +100% readership growth since its revival.


Aside from coverage of the Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic brands, the wiki also houses information on King's Bounty and its sequels developed by Katauri Interactive, as they are considered spiritual sequels to the original property.

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