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Might and Magic Tribute: Book of Ceth is a fan-made game inspired by the Might and Magic RPGs, and was being developed by the fans at Castle Gobs. The project began in July 2003, and has not been updated since May 2009.

The game is in the style of Might and Magic VI, VII, and VIII. The player can have a team of up to five characters, with six playable races - humans, elves, genies, trolls, vampires and ogres (for details on the races, see here). Like in Might and Magic IX, each character can have one of two initial classes - explorer or student. Each of these initial classes has two advanced classes to choose from, and the four advanced classes can be promoted to one of the eight final ones (some details here).


The game takes place on the island Karigor, home of the Church of the Sun and Church of the Moon. It starts in 1083 AS, 81 years before Might and Magic VI, when both churches still existed, and the Ironfist dynasty on Antagarich had yet to be established.

The Seers of Serenity learned that Thelmes, a prophet of their guild, had gone renegade, claiming that an apocalypse was drawing near. He also proclaimed that Ceth, the Creator, would come to Karigor to battle the evil responsible and prevent the collapse. He called for the followers of the Sun and the Moon to unite and prepare a great sacrifice.

The seers were unable to see if this prophecy was real or not, and were thus prevented from interfering. They decided to seek out the scattered pages of the Book of Ceth, but the clerics and necromancers of the two churches refused to aid them, as both hoped to use the coming sacrifice to rule the world. The seers therefore put their trust in an inexperienced group of adventurers, hoping that they could gather the pages in secret before Thelmes had gathered the support he required.


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