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Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist is a novel set in the original Might and Magic universe. The young warrior Praz-El must attempt to stop the traitors Fahd Mandel and Commander Lenik from using a pair of magic fountains to gain the power of gods.

It is the third novel set in the Might and Magic universe, but is unrelated to the two books written by Geary Gravel, Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith.


"Rising up from the unstoppable Sea of Mist -- a magical void carrying armies of bloodthirsty undead to every land it touches -- a champion fights his way toward destiny.

Trained since infancy in the arts of war, magic, and the secret sects of the rouge, Praz is unwilling to accept a single skill in the magical towers of The Order. Long denied the truth about his unknown past, he seethes with anger, rejecting convention as he leans toward darkness. But the foul slaying of his life-long mentor and the abduction of his only love have drawn Praz out beyond the citadel's walls for the first time in his life to undertake an epic rescue. Traveling through a world distorted by the Sea of Mist and hounded by a mysterious dark lord, Praz slowly begins to unravel his past. Along the way he's joined by warriors from multiple dimensions, battles demonic brothers, and confronts the most terrible foes of all: two lowly servants who've somehow stumbled upon the power of gods.


When Might and Magic IX was being developed, author Mel Odom was approached to write a novel as a tie-in to the game. The then-lead designer Tom Ono gave him a document detailing the planned plot, which Odom added his own touches to.

Tom Ono was later replaced as lead designer by Tim Lang, who believed that the events of the novel would constrain the player's chance to create their own stories. As such, he gave Odom free reign to write what he wanted, and severed most of the ties between the novel and the game[1]. In the end, the finished novel had little to do with the Might and Magic universe, beyond reusing a few characters (like Alagar, Nymus, and Necros).

The author planned for there to be several sequels to the novels. As such, the story doesn't have a real ending - the main character never interacts with the main villain, and a lot of the plot points introduced never lead to anything.


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