Might & Magic X: Legacy is the tenth installment of the Might and Magic series, and the first game of main series to be created after Ubisoft Entertainment acquired the property. As such, it is also the first of the series to place in the Ubisoft continuity, on Ashan. Its development was entrusted to Limbic Entertainment. Taking place a few years after the events of Might & Magic: Heroes VI, Might & Magic X takes place on the Agyn Peninsula. The city Karthal, once a proud member of the Holy Falcon Empire, is now considering secession. Four heroes will emerge and help to shape the future of Agyn in this time of turmoil.

The player controls four adventurers, and chooses their gender, race, and class. There are four races to select from: humans, elves, orcs, and dwarves, and each race will have three classes to select from: one class of might, one class of magic, and one class a hybrid of both.

The game was first published in the Early Access program as Alfa on 21 August 2013. This version acquired two major patches, before end of Early Access. The game was officially released on 23 January 2014. Its support was terminated along with the last patch, on 27 March 2014.[1] The open development pages, along with all pre-release articles, were deleted from the official Ubisoft webpages sometime during 2015.

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  • Arcane Discipline Grandmaster
  • Bow Grandmaster
  • Crossbow Grandmaster
  • Warfare Grandmaster
  • Water Magic Grandmaster

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Might and Magic X has 12 classes:

Warrior Hybrid Mage
Mercenary Crusader Freemage
Blade dancer Ranger Druid
Defender Scout Rune Priest
Barbarian Hunter Shaman


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