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Might & Magic: Heroes VII is the seventh installment in the series, developed by Limbic Entertainment. The storyline serves as a sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic VI, taking place three centuries later in the same world of Ashan.

On October 5th 2016, it was announced that development of Heroes VII and its addon, Trial by Fire has been completed, and as such no further updates would be released. The final version is 2.21, for both the addon and the game.


The game takes place 10 years after the death of Empress Maeve; during the Ten Year War. The young Duke Ivan Griffin will fight for the Imperial Throne with duke Seamus Stag. With the war raging across Ashan, he crafts a Shadow Council to support his leadership. Necromancers, orcs, wizards, celestials, elves and dark elves need to help Ivan fight back.[1]









Main campaignEdit

An Unknown NameEdit

Haven campaign, narrated by Murazel

  1. A Dissolute Audacity
  2. Blind Instruments of Fatality
  3. The Blessings of Freedom
  4. A Feast for the Gods

Wizardly NightsEdit

Academy campaign, narrated by Tanis

  1. The Story of the Wizard and the Djinn
  2. The Story of the Lost Daughter
  3. The Story of Princess Ghali and Four Suitors
  4. The Story of the Flower of Dolor

The Knowledge of SinEdit

Necropolis campaign, narrated by Anastasya

  1. Something Irreversible
  2. The World Which Detachment Renounces
  3. The Wages of Secrecy
  4. Thoughts and Intentions
  5. Those Last Few Steps

A Free Woman among BrothersEdit

Stronghold campaign, narrated by Kente

  1. A Very Ambitious Hatred
  2. The Only Freedom a Slave knows
  3. No Peace in this World
  4. True to Ourselves

The Twilight OdysseyEdit

Sylvan campaign, narrated by Lasir

  1. The Griefs that Fate assigns
  2. Perils of Waves and War
  3. The Very Counterfeit of Death
  4. The Portals of Flickering Dreams

Where Black Stars RiseEdit

Dungeon campaign, narrated by Jorgen

  1. The Fathomless Glare
  2. The Shadows of Men's Thoughts
  3. The Essence of Purest Poison
  4. A World which now Trembles

The Stuff of Future MemoryEdit

Haven epilogue campaign, narrated by Ivan

  1. The Tears of the World
  2. The Dream of What Could Be

Lost Tales of AxeothEdit


Academy campaign, narrated by Pherlon

  1. The Isle of Order
  2. The Isle of Life
  3. The Isle of Nature
  4. The Isle of Mayhem
  5. The Isle of Death

Every Dog Has His DayEdit

Stronghold campaign, narrated by Dogwoggle

  1. Critical Failure
  2. Twist of Fate
  3. Second Chance

Trial by FireEdit

The Path to Power Edit

Fortress campaign, narrated by Vilma

  1. Glory before Death
  2. Fortunes of War
  3. The Fire's Embrace
  4. Gumption and a Sharp Mind
  5. Harrower of the Dark
  6. Heathenish Hope

A Firebrand in the Dark Edit

Haven epilogue campaign 2 (addon), narrated by Ivan

  1. Strange Bedfellows
  2. To the Fire in the Blood



Differences from other versionsEdit

Might and Magic: Heroes VII's game world has nearly the same look as the one from the previous game. However, the character does not spend their points to learn spells, but can learn them through shrines. In addition, there are seven different resources: wood, ore and gold from previous series, and four new resources: dragonblood crystal, starsilver, shadowsteel and dragonsteel.[2] The magic system will be focused on Heroes V gameplay. The four primary skills (attack, defense, spellpower and knowledge) will also appear, while the hero skills can be obtained as a mix of Heroes V and VI gameplay.[3] In addition, each faction will have six classes: three might and three magic-oriented.


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