For the other browser-based game, see Heroes of Might and Magic Online.

Might & Magic: Heroes Online is a massively-multiplayer online browser game, produced by Ubisoft.


Might and Magic Heroes Online is different from the core heroes games in several ways. First, instead of being turn based, the overworld is in real time (Battles are still turn based.) Also, enemies guarding stashes of resources respawn after lengths of time so that the resources can be regathered. The game uses the four resources from Might & Magic: Heroes VI: gold, wood, metal, and crystal. Small non-guarded stashes frequently respawn, but guarded stashes are much larger.

There are currently only two playable factions: Haven and Necropolis.

The game's battles revert to the hexes of Heroes III. Also, a new feature allows cooperative battles with other people. Another battle change is a new flanking and backstabbing. 

Graphics-wise, the layout of the overworld is much more realistic, meaning cities are actually the size of a city, not of a tiny building. The hero can travel through Nar-Heresh and Falcon's Reach. The story takes place around 800 YSD, with Emperor Duncan Falcon sending the hero to investigate the disappearance of Albin, the Imperial ambassador to the Dwarven lands, and Belketh having the hero trace the source of a prison outbreak, caused by Yorath, which is a part of a much greater conspiracy.

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