Menelag 2 - copia

Menelag (died 989 YSD) was wizard and lord of the free city of Stonehelm.

Biography Edit


He led a 10 year expedition to locate his liftime obsession: The Skull of Shadows. He discovered it at a savage island, buried within a ruined temple. Menelag and his crew began to excavate the temple and its surroundings, harried by hostile Orc and Goblin tribes. They managed to find the crypt where in the Skull lay, but were barred from it by a impassable stone door. The only way to open that door is to reactivate the magical energies of temple itself, using an ancient artifact, the Shantiri Crystal. He obtained it from mage Phenrig per his apprentice Sareth.


The city of Stonehelm was besieged by undead army of Arantir. Menelag was killed by one of Arantir's ghouls, which steals the Crystal from him.