Melian is a character that appears in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Also known as the Oracle of Enroth, it is a powerful computer that provides guidance to the rulers of the Kingdom of Enroth.

Lore Edit

Melian was set up to be the Guardian of Enroth long before the Silence. When the kreegans attacked the Web of Worlds, the planet was cut off from the Ancients, and their great technology began to fail. Melian wanted to rebuild the technology, but became a religious figure in the minds of the populace, and few could understand what it could offer.

Archibald tried to get help from Melian during the Second War of Enrothian Succession, but it refused to aid him. In retaliation, he took its memory modules, making it unable to provide guidance or assistance when the kreegans attacked the planet.

The Heroes of Enroth managed to gain access to Melian, and then retrieved the memory modules. The Oracle told them that the more powerful kreegans could only be slain with blasters, so it wanted them to retrieve a Control Cube from the Tomb of VARN so that it could give them access to the planetary Control Center below.

With the blasters, the Heroes of Enroth set out to destroy the reactor in the kreegan Hive-ship, which would wipe out the kreegan forces on the continent.

Gameplay Edit

In order to visit the Oracle, the party needs to visit each member of the High Council and complete a quest for them.

Humphrey's representative Slicker Silvertongue refuses to vote according to his master's wishes, so the party must complete the Find a cure for Slicker Silvertongue quest and the Bring the the letter detailing Silvertongue's treason quest. Once that is complete, they gain access to Melian.

To talk to the computer they must complete a few more quests:

Melian gives the party the Retrieve the Control Cube quest, after which they get the weapons needed to destroy the kreegan reactor and end the game. The party must also complete the Obtain Arcane Magic from Archibald quest to obtain the Ritual of the Void, or the resulting explosion will destroy the planet.

Appearances Edit

Melian appears only in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.

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