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The megadragon is a fourth-level creature, connected to the Asylum town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War. This creature cannot be purchased.

Quite simply, there is no creature alive or dead that could stand alone against the raw, awesome power of the Megadragon. Their extreme rarity and limited suceptibility to magic are their only known weaknesses.OffBck


The megadragon is the most powerful creature in Heroes IV, capable of destroying even the Black dragon in a one-on-one fight. With massive damage, high hit points, and a resistance to magic, it is capable of inflicting great damage on an opponent.

Another advantage it has over the Black Dragon, is that it can be magically boosted, increasing its damage potential greatly. This comes at a cost, however, as it is also vulnerable to hostile spells.

When fighting it, ranged attacks and spells are the best way to avoid damage as long as possible. If facing more than one stack, it's best to send a melee unit between them, to make the megadragons' arc attacks damage each other.



This creature's arc-shaped Breath Attack allows it to attack with a blast of fire that may also harm creatures behind an enemy target.


This creature's Magic Resistance gives it a chance of resisting most hostile spells. The creature also takes less damage from spells that cause direct damage.


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